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Company Overview

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Our Goal

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Get in Touch

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We believe that a company's culture is the key to its success.

Stizonet Broadband Pvt. Ltd. (SBPL) is engaged in building the next generation wireless broadband services for home and enterprise customers in Jalandhar.

(SBPL) offers secured wireless broadband services to home and enterprise customers. (SBPL) would also be building a comprehensive services framework that can deliver leading edge voice, video, IT applications and multimedia content services over any broadband or IP-centric network. Such a framework can be recreated by us for global internet service providers, who desire to offer next generation services to their customers. We have engaged the best-in-class technology partners to build the required capability frameworks.

Innovation is our driving force and we create environment for the young talent in our company to conceive and incubate new ideas in order to develop and deliver useful services and solutions for our customers, thereby sustaining our competitive advantages. Our vision is to be a leading Broadband and IT services company, offering innovative products and solutions to home, enterprise and other customers in uttrakhand. We believe that our next generation services will transform the way India lives, transacts, and communicates and we believe that we can make a significant contribution towards a powerful Broadband enabled India.

(SBPL) mission is to raise the benchmarks of customer experience in the country for all times to come.(SBPL) will endeavor to deliver enhanced customer experience through innovation, by use of cutting edge technology and by extensive knowledge dissemination to members of its customer support teams.

  • Customer First : Our core business strategy is guided by customer value, customer sensitivity and customer convenience.
  • Respect for Talent : We will create and maintain a transparent and respectful work environment that helps in attracting, retaining and nurturing the best talent. We encourage an open work culture that is conducive to making work joyful.